Hello and welcome to the new incarnation of christait{dot}ca, recently refurbished and republished by Yours Truly in the most painstakingly underqualified manner imaginable. I no longer feel the need to preface my e-mail links with warnings of hideousness. Bless the day.

Anyway, in other news, Chris recently photographed recipients of the 2009 U of C Women’s Resource Centre Awards and would like to congratulate Carol Oliver and Adina Edwards (and a certain volunteer at the centre whose identity shall apparently remain secret until the awards ceremony on Oct. 21).

Also upcoming is a workshop series to be taught by Chris and others at the University of Calgary student newspaper, the Gauntlet. The series will cover topics from photography to visual design and should be a heck of a lot of fun. Spots will be limited, so keep yer eyes peeled for details (TBA soon).

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