Baring success

Well, thanks to the hundreds of wonderful people who came out to Bare the other night, the show was a hit. Some art was sold, eyes were opened, drinks were drunk and pants were (briefly… har har) dropped, all the makings of a wonderful night out. A grand and ruthless thank you to all who attended despite the extreme weather warning–there aren’t many places in the world in which you can have pints on the patio in the afternoon and struggle through a foot of snow eight hours later.

Very special personal thank yous need to go out to my brother Will, Chris Beauchamp, Kate Foote and Jane Fowler for chauffeuring, mounting prints and generally protecting me from my own silliness.

For those who missed the show, you can check out a very small slice of what you missed at Sarah’s site, The Ink Cauldron, where you can also purchase prints to fit your space and budget. We do still have ridiculously hot 24×36 Masonite-mounted show prints left, so make sure to ask about those. Photography is art, too, and will impress the heck out of your friends for your edginess and good taste.

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