Note: May not be exactly as shown. Chris Tait has since donated his hair to a local cancer charity. We apologize for any inconvenience or reduction of gorgeousness this may cause.Chris Tait is a Calgary-based photographer working in fine art, weddings, portraiture, editorial, events and any other fun stuff that comes his way.

Having gotten his start clicking shutters while living off a Greyhound bus and various Canadian park benches, Chris’ work straddles the tall, sharply spired fence between commercial and street documentary. The latter can be found most prominently on Tumblr, being one half of YYC Street.

He spends the majority of his time in glorious irreverence, (hypocritically) mocking hippies, abortively avoiding alienation in agonistically overusing already abundant alliteration, and ensuring the raging river of his mind doesn’t dull its own edge with mixed metaphor. As you can see, most of these things he does poorly. He has, however, also been known to take successful photographs and works very well with a variety of personality types mostly because of his tendency towards self-mockery.

Chris spent much of his undergraduate student career involved with the Gauntlet, the independent student weekly at the University of Calgary. There, he was involved in (among many other distasteful things) writing and photographing as a volunteer contributor, teaching photo and design workshops, eventually working his way up to photo editor and finally carrying the keys to the dysfunctional kingdom as editor-in-chief.

Apart from photo-related time-wasting, Chris likes mountain biking, downhill skiing, longboarding, travelling for no reason, those little bottles of alcohol that come from airplanes and hotel mini-bars, beard growing, complaining about films, being generally self-deprecating and writing entirely too long about himself in the third person.

He’s also addicted to Flickr, so you can find most of his current projects there.